amazing art: hernan’s ghosts made of paper,metal & smoke

Herman Marin2

certain works of art achieve their power by a sense of mystery, not through unreadability but rather a suggestion of memory and narrative

hernan marin is a columbian born artist who is interested in expressing the metaphysical. this translates to experimental draftsmanship that inverts naturalism for the vagaries of fog, dreams and nightmares. a series of graphite drawings reflect a nocturnal space, all strange sfumato formed out of white space and shadow.the figures somehow suggest nightmares, memory and remembering, a condensation of dreams.


metal drawing hernan marin

these experiments of ghosts rendered in graphite on paper, metal and glass have an understated presence, yet one that commands our attention, whispering about forgotten things and people…

crowd 2 by hernan marincrowd 4 by hernan marin